About Marcelo Terça-Nada

Visual artist, researcher and independent editor

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About Marcelo Terça-Nada

Born in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, Brazil) in 1978, he currently lives and works in Salvador, Bahia.Visual artist, researcher and independent editor, he works at the intersection between city, writing, photography and urban intervention. He participated in exhibitions in several cities in Brazil and in countries such as Argentina, India, Spain, Holland, Slovenia and Austria.

He is part of the Grupo Poro, with which he carried out urban interventions and participated in important exhibitions, such as the 3rd Bahia Art Biennial or the Cidade Gráfica exhibition at Itaú Cultural in Sao Paulo (see more Poro exhibitions).

He published the books “Interval, Breathing, Small displacements – Poro’s poetical actions“, “Manifesto for a playful and collective city / for a public, critical and poetic art“, Como zelar uma cidade vazia” [How to look at an empty city], Salvador em Suspensão” [Salvador in Suspension], Brasília: (Cidade) [Estacionamento] (Parque) [Condomínio] [Brasília: (City) Parking (Park) Condominium], Pequeno Guia Afetivo da Comida de Rua de Salvador [Small Affective Guide to Salvador’s Street Food], “Verbetes Moventes” [Moving Words], O livro do GIA [The book of GIA – Environmental Intervention Group] e “Gestos artísticos em tempos de crise” [Artistic gestures in times of crisis].

He received the Jorge Portugal Arts Prize (2020) from Funceb/SecultBA, the Funarte Contemporary Art Prize (2012) and the Brasil Arte Contemporânea Prize (2011), from the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation and the Ministry of Culture. He also conducts research on food and appreciation of Brazilian socio-biodiversity.